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Post Date: 2014-07-29 / Source:
  • Integrating Sphere– To measure lumen output, Kelvin value showing CIE chromaticity


  • Digital Measuring Projector – To examine the Light Center Length(27.1mm) and position of the arc tube


  • Temperature & Humidity Controlling Device– To conduct aging tests under controlled temperature and humidity


  • X-ray Perspective Device– To examine position of the electrodes


  • All the HID bulbs are tested with OE BALLASTS such as HELLA, KOITO, OSRAM, etc.







BRIGHTSTARTW manufacture high performance NEW LED INFINITY  brighter than HID 6000K. Auto bulbs H4 H13 9004 9007 LED headlight H7 H8 H9 H11 9005 9006 led bulb H1 H3 880 881 led headlight bulbs. A complete Higher Efficiency Proprietary Driver with world unique excellent heat dissipation



BRIGHTSTARTW is the ONLY ONE Asian manufacturer that is capable of manufacturing European E-marked ( E13 by TUV) D1S D2R D2S D3S D4S XENON HID headlight bulbs and compliant with American DOT